Pho Hung Cuong Restaurant & Bakery

Vietnamese cuisines have been known as one of the most fascinating parts of Vietnamese culture for a long time. Among lots of popular food, Pho becomes a must-try cuisine for anyone wanting to explore Vietnamese food. Besides that, with unique ingredients and interesting cooking techniques, Chinese food is also the concern of many foodaholics. But where to go when you want to taste these exotic cuisines in Texas, United States?

Let's visit Pho Hung Cuong Restaurant & Bakery, which is located conveniently in San Antonio, TX 78229 to enjoy not only Vietnamese food but also Chinese food with the most original flavors from Vietnam and China! We offer various kinds of food that are loved by many people, such as soup, spring roll, Banh Mi, different types of Noodle and Pho, tempura, dumpling, Thai curry and so much more at a reasonable price.

Pho Hung Cuong Restaurant & Bakery always pick the freshest ingredients and use the most similar cooking methods that we were learned from the most experienced chefs. Our qualified staff members guarantee the best quality on every dish we made and deliver these dishes to you in the best condition! Each dinner guest coming to our restaurant will be satisfied by the warm atmosphere, the elegant design, the friendly staff, the delicious dining, and takeout, as well as the tasty desserts.

Let us be for your first choice whenever you want to visit the best Restaurant in San Antonio, TX 78229. We are committed to bringing you the true quintessence of food.